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The Comparison Between Car Hire and Car Lease in Dubai

Cars are important because they help us to travel to various locations easily. In Dubai, owning a car is a great choice because it is not expensive to maintain, cars allow you not to spend time in the hot sun waiting for buses, cars help you to avoid the crowded trains, and they are cheaper than using taxis to move to various locations in a day.

Nonetheless, owning cars is not convenient for everyone due to certain factors. A good number of people cannot buy cars either because their spending power is limited or they do not plan to stay in the city for long. These two reasons make car rentals great saviors who enhance the people’s comfort despite their limitations.

Hiring a car only allows you to use a vehicle for a short period, that is, a few hours, days or weeks. Leasing a car allows you to utilize a vehicle for an extended period, normally up to three years. Both renting and leasing give an individual to utilize a car fully but temporarily. Conversely, with car leasing, it is possible to buy the rented car eventually by paying the difference between the lease amount and the value of the car if your contract allows you.

When cars are leased or hired, they put a certain degree of responsibility on both the renting companies and the lessees. The level of accountability that is expected in car leasing is higher than that of car hire due to the fact that leased do not change hands as often as cars for hire do. Car for leasing are usually newer and cars for hire older due to the difference in the frequency in which they change hands.

In both leasing and hiring, there are usually contracts which provide the terms and conditions for the arrangement and they must be signed to show agreement between both the renting company and the lessee. When a contract is breached by a lessee, they usually face some consequences. One particular feature for both contracts is the mileage of a car. The mileage is checked upon a car’s return to assess whether the limit given was exceeded.

When a car is returned, it is inspected in other areas as well for both car hire and lease. The inspection is carried out in both the interior and exterior parts of a car to make sure that it is returned without damage. In the event that a car is returned with damages, a lessee and renting company usually agree on a compensation fee that must be paid by the lessee. Hence, you must make sure you carefully inspect a vehicle and discuss any faults with the renting company before accepting it to make sure that you are not asked to pay for any damage you did not cause.

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